• musician-proposal-idea-500x200.jpg

Musical Serenade Marriage Proposal

Price: $549

  • Walk with your partner to one of London’s most iconic locations as you are approached by a musician
  • The musician hands your partner a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and serenades her with a beautiful love song
  • After the song, you turn to your partner and propose

  • photo-tour-proposal-idea-london-500x200.jpg

Photo Tour Marriage Proposal

Price: $715

  • Explore a famous or unknown part of London on a fake “Walking Tour” arranged by a Proposal Planner
  • Your partner thinks they are on a Walking Tour and a photographer is along taking pictures of your special day out
  • Propose at a romantic location chosen by you and your Proposal Planner and everything is caught on camera

  • london-penthouse-marriage-proposal.jpg

Glamorous Penthouse Marriage Proposal

Price: $965

  • Surprise your partner with a private Penthouse proposal
  • Propose while your personalized soundtrack is playing
  • Celebrate with 2 glasses of Champagne

  • romantic-picnic-proposal-idea-500x200.jpg

Romantic Picnic Marriage Proposal

Price: $699

  • Stumble upon a romantic setup on a park that is set up ahead of time by a Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy a romantic picnic for two in London
  • Propose while enjoying the views as the sun sets on the horizon

  • romantic-room-makeover-500x200.jpg

Romantic Room Makeover Marriage Proposal

Price: $900

  • Romantic room makeover at the location of your choice
  • Room is decorated with rose petals, LED candles, and pictures of you and your partner by a Proposal Planner
  • Champagne and toasting flutes are provided

  • private-helicopter-tour-proposal-london-500x200.jpg

Private Helicopter Marriage Proposal

Price: $1019

  • Enjoy a private chartered helicopter tour for two arranged by a Proposal Planner
  • Fly over Tower Bridge, River Thames, London Eye, House of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace
  • Propose in mid-air as you gaze as the gorgeous city below

  • custom-designed-proposal.jpg

Custom Designed Marriage Proposal

All proposals are custom, contact us for a quote

  • Your partner’s dream proposal is created by you and a professional Proposal Planner
  • The perfect proposal location and vendors are hand selected by an experienced Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy your stress free proposal and let your Proposal Planner handle all the details