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  • new-york-rootftop-proposal-idea.jpg
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  • NY-rooftop.jpg

New York Rooftop Marriage Proposal

Price: $849

  • Step off the elevator and shock your partner with an entire rented rooftop terrace just for her
  • Propose to your sweetie with a view of the big city lights
  • Celebrate with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne

  • new-york-marquee-lights-proposal-ideas.jpg

Marquee Lights Marriage Proposal

Price: $575

  • Suggest going for a walk and enjoy the city sights
  • Imagine her surprise when she sees your initials in lights surrounded by flowers
  • Propose and hand her a celebratory bouquet when she yes

  • new-york-winter-proposal-idea-2.jpg

Romantic Winter Marriage Proposal

Price: $525

  • Stumble upon a winter themed romantic setup in world famous Central Park that is set up ahead of time by a Proposal Planner
  • Propose and then snuggle with blankets to keep warm and take in the moment
  • Celebrate with hot cocoa and s’mores

  • times-square-billboard-2-edit.jpg
  • times-square-billboard-proposal-idea.jpg
  • new-york-times-square-2.jpg
  • times-square-billboard.jpg
  • new-york-times-square-1.jpg
  • Times-Square-proposal.jpg

Times Square Billboard Marriage Proposal

Price: $1249

  • Propose to your love on a billboard in Times Square
  • End a day of touring New York with a walk through Times Square
  • Stop in the perfect spot to see your photo and proposal broadcast on a billboard for the entire world to see

  • new-york-glass-ceiling-proposal.jpg
  • new-york-glass-ceiling-proposal-idea.jpg

Intimate Glass Ceiling Marriage Proposal

Price: $1210

  • Enjoy a beautiful private room with glass ceiling
  • Propose with amazing views of Manhattan
  • Celebrate with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot

  • new-york-rockefeller-ice-skating-proposal-5.jpg
  • new-york-rockefeller-ice-skating-proposal-6.jpg
  • new-york-rockefeller-ice-skating-proposal-7.jpg
  • new-york-rockefeller-ice-skating-proposal-8.jpg

Ice Skating Marriage Proposal

Price: $575

  • Propose to your love in true New York fashion
  • Receive two tickets to the world famous Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink
  • Staff has everyone but you and your partner clear the rink, “your” song comes on, and you propose

  • loft-terrace-proposal-idea-new-york.jpeg
  • loft-terrace-marriage-proposal-new-york.jpg
  • loft-terrace-proposal-idea-new-york-2.jpg
  • New-York-proposal-planner.jpg

Loft With Terrace Marriage Proposal

Price: $1075

  • Propose on a terrace with a view of the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Celebrate your engagement with a bottle of bubbly
  • In case of rain, have peace of mind with an indoor loft space with floor to ceiling windows

  • central-park-picnic-proposal-setup.jpg
  • Central-park-picnic.jpg
  • Central-park-picnic-proposal.jpg
  • Romantic-Picnic-Central-Park.jpg
  • Central-park-proposal.jpg
  • Central-Park-Surprise-Marriage-Proposal.jpg

Central Park Romantic Picnic Marriage Proposal

Price: $599

  • Stumble upon a romantic setup in world famous Central Park that is set up ahead of time by a Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy a personalized romantic picnic for two
  • Propose at one of the many romantic locations in the park

  • new-york-empire-state-building-proposal-2.jpg
  • new-york-empire-state-building-proposal-3.jpg
  • new-york-empire-state-building-proposal-5.jpg

Empire State View
Rooftop Marriage Proposal

Price: $1353

  • Show how much you love her by renting out a rooftop terrace
  • Propose with dramatic views of the Empire State Building
  • Take your time and enjoy two hours under the bright city lights of New York

  • Musical-Serenade.jpg

Musical Serenade Marriage Proposal

Price: $575

  • Walk with your partner to one of New York’s most iconic locations as you are approached by a musician
  • The musician hands your partner a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and serenades her with a beautiful love song
  • After the song, you turn to your partner and propose

  • new-york-flash-mob-proposal-idea-1.jpg
  • new-york-flash-mob-proposal-idea-2.jpg
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  • new-york-flash-mob-proposal-idea-5.jpg
  • new-york-flash-mob-proposal-idea-6.jpg
  • new-york-flash-mob-proposal-idea-7.jpg
  • new-york-flash-mob-proposal-idea-8.jpg

Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Price: $1951

  • Surprise the one you love with your very own flash mob proposal
  • You select the location within New York such as a park, a restaurant, a party, or ask us for recommendations
  • At a set time, a seemingly spontaneous flash mob emerges to surprise and delight your partner! By design, the flash mob will lead up to a perfect moment for you to propose.

  • interactive-theater-proposal-idea-1.jpg
  • interactive-theater-proposal-idea-2.jpg
  • interactive-theater-proposal-idea-3.jpg
  • interactive-theater-proposal-idea-4.jpg

New York Interactive Theater Marriage Proposal

Price: $850

      • You and your partner participate in live, interactive theater arranged by a proposal planner
      • Together you solve clues and encounter hilarious characters
      • Marriage proposal is incorporated into surprise ending

  • new-york-a-cappella-proposal-idea-1.jpg
  • new-york-a-cappella-proposal-idea-2.jpg
  • new-york-a-cappella-proposal-idea-3.jpg
  • central-park-a-cappella-proposal-idea-1.jpg
  • central-park-a-cappella-proposal-idea-2.jpg
  • central-park-a-cappella-proposal-idea-3.jpg

A Cappella Marriage Proposal

Price: $935

      • After a romantic date in an NYC borough, take a walk with your sweetie
      • You stop for a rest at a predetermined area and an A Cappella group surrounds you and begin to sing your song… all arranged by a Proposal Planner
      • The singing is lowered for a brief period to give you a time to ask for her hand in marriage

  • new-york-horse-carriage-proposal-idea-1.jpg
  • new-york-horse-carriage-proposal-1-1.jpg
  • new-york-horse-carriage-proposal-2-1.jpg

Horse and Carriage
Marriage Proposal in Central Park

Price: $419

      • Enjoy a romantic horse and carriage ride through world famous Central Park arranged by a Proposal Planner
      • Take in the sights of the Bethesda Fountain, Cherry Hill, and the famous Bow Bridge
      • Stop at romantic location for marriage proposal

  • romantic-room-makeover-1.jpg
  • romantic-room-makeover-2.jpg
  • romantic-room-makeover-3.jpg
  • romantic-room-makeover-4.jpg

Romantic Room Makeover Marriage Proposal

Price: $699

      • Romantic room makeover at the location of your choice
      • Room is decorated with rose petals, LED candles, and pictures of you and your partner by a Proposal Planner
      • Champagne and toasting flutes are provided

  • art-studio-proposal-idea-600x300.png

Art Lovers Marriage Proposal

Price: $675

      • You and your partner arrive at an art studio or Central Park for a private art lesson, arranged by a Proposal Planner
      • The art gallery is decorated with lit candles, rose petals, and soft music is playing in the background
      • Your partner is completely shocked when you display your “Will You Marry Me” masterpiece

  • New-York-Photo-Tour-Proposal-2.jpg
  • New-York-Photo-Tour-w.jpg
  • NY-Photo-Tour-2.jpg

Photo Tour Marriage Proposal

Price: $495

      • Explore famous landmarks of New York City on a fake “Walking Tour” arranged by a Proposal Planner
      • Your partner thinks they are on a Walking Tour in New York and a photographer is along taking pictures of your special day out
      • Propose at a romantic location chosen by you and your Proposal Planner and everything is caught on camera

  • private-limo-tour-heading-2.jpg

Private Limousine Tour Marriage Proposal

Price: $832

      • Travel like a celebrity in a stretch limousine
      • Experience an intimate tour of famous areas in New York designed by a Proposal
      • Limousine chauffeurs you to a romantic location for your proposal

  • candlelight-romance-proposal-new-york-2.jpg
  • candlelight-romance-proposal-new-york-3.jpg
  • new-york-candlelight-romance-1.jpg
  • new-york-candlelight-romance-2.jpg
  • candlelight-romance-proposal-new-york-1.jpg

Candlelight Romance Marriage Proposal

Price: $489

      • Go on an evening stroll with your sweetie in a pre-determined public romantic setting
      • The moon and a ton of candles illuminate your marriage proposal
      • Hand her a bouquet of flowers after she accepts your proposal

  • custom-designed-new-york-proposal-idea-1.jpg
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  • custom-designed-new-york-proposal-idea-3.jpg
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  • custom-designed-new-york-proposal-idea-5.jpg
  • custom-designed-new-york-proposal-idea-6.jpg
  • custom-designed-new-york-proposal-idea-7.jpg
  • custom-designed-new-york-proposal-idea-8.jpg
  • custom-designed-new-york-proposal-idea-9.jpg

Custom Designed Marriage Proposal

All proposals are custom, contact us for a quote

      • Your partner’s dream proposal is created by you and a professional Proposal Planner
      • The perfect proposal location and vendors are hand selected by an experienced Proposal Planner
      • Enjoy your stress free proposal and let your Proposal Planner handle all the details