How to Hide Your Engagement Ring

Once a proposer has his marriage proposal plan down, then biggest question that is asked is How to Hide Your Engagement Ring Box. This causes many people stress because engagement ring boxes are many times too big and bulky to be discreetly hidden on you. To help you along, here are some tips to help you hide the ring on your proposal day so that you can focus on actually popping the question.

In a Thin Engagement Ring Box

Since a majority of engagement ring boxes are big and bulky, it’s next to impossible to hide it on your clothing. The solution to this common problem is Ring Stash. This is a thin engagement ring box that is only 0.5″ thick, durable, and modern. It can easily be hidden in your pocket without your partner ever noticing. It’s the perfect companion to your marriage proposal plan.

Hidden at Your Proposal Location

This takes a lot of trust in your proposal plan but if you’re going to propose in a secluded location, then this option may work well for you. Go to this location on early on your proposal day and hide the ring well. When you have your partner here, then walk her over to where you have it hidden so she can get the best surprise ever.

Without the Box in Your Pocket

This option is sometimes common because of the fact that engagement ring boxes are bulky but it is nevertheless not anymore nerve-racking. This option works because there is no way that your partner will notice the ring in your pocket but you may be really nervous that you may drop it when pulling it out or it may get scratched in your pocket. Use it at your own discretion.

Having it Brought Out to You

If your marriage proposal plan allows this, then having a friend or helper bring it out at the proposal moment is perfect. It allows you to not worry about your partner discovering it on you beforehand and it allows for a great presentation when you are actually popping the question. Your friend/helper will then be nearby to celebrate with you.