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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Coming up with marriage proposal ideas can be stressful but The Heart Bandits are here to help. As The Heart Bandits Proposal Planners we come across many different types of personalities and they all share similar characteristics.

We thought we’d share them with you to help give you ideas for your marriage proposal. These are starting points to help you come up with a unique proposal concept created with just her in mind. We would love to help you personalize the ideas to make sure she gets a one-of-a-kind proposal or help you bring them to life. Below are examples of the types of personalities that we’ve come across and the style of proposals that they may desire. Which type is your girlfriend?



Watch for:

  • Lots of name brand clothing, purses, and shoes
  • Subscriptions to InStyle, Vogue, or Lucky Magazine
  • She watches E! Channel
  • Excessive shopping


Start the day off by leaving your credit card a note by her bed telling her take your card and go buy a beautiful dress and high heels for the evening. Have a limo waiting outside to take her from store to store. After she’s done shopping, have the limo take her to a 5-star hotel where she would get ready for the evening…



Watch for:

  • Tons of new friend requests on Facebook
  • Everywhere you go people know her name
  • Her weekends are booked with parties and barbecues
  • She likes to be the center of attention


Send her an Evite requesting that she meet you at the hottest lounge in your city. When she arrives, there’s a red carpet rolled out and her name is up in lights. When she walks in she realizes that it’s a masquerade ball in her honor….



Watch for:

  • Prefers quiet nights in
  • Doesn’t like crowds
  • Prefers one-on-one conversations
  • Does not want to be the center of attention


Take her to a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant followed by a moon-lit romantic walk in the park. You stumble upon a deserted gazebo that is lit with candles and adorned with hanging photographs of the two of you…



Watch for:

  • Her closet is filled with active wear
  • Is really low-maintenance
  • Knows the hiking trails in your area
  • Her ideal date would involve nature


Pack a basket with champagne and strawberries and invite her on a scenic hike with an ocean view. At the viewpoint, there would be a blanket and tiki torches waiting for you. You take out the strawberries and champagne…

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