44 Unique Proposal Ideas from Proposal Planners

Are you tired of reading generic proposal ideas online? Well good thing you have found The Heart Bandits—the world’s leading proposal planning company. For 8 years we have created unique marriage proposals for clients all over the world and if anyone can help you determine how to propose to your partner, it is us.

Before we start, a word of caution. There is no one size fits all approach with marriage proposals. Every person is unique and therefore, what a person considers the “perfect proposal idea” is going to differ from person to person. For best results, hire us to create a customized proposal idea created just for your partner. Until then, here is a list of some proposal ideas we have helped plan in the past to help get your creative juices flowing. We can help you pull off any of these ideas so don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance:

    1. Private Dinner – Set up a private dinner for two overlooking the ocean or on a cliff like we did for Jeremy below. Propose and then enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner. Private dinner proposal idea
    2. Billboard – For a true city experience, consider proposing on a billboard in Times Square or in Las Vegas!
    3. Limo – Consider putting together a romantic itinerary around the city, chauffeured by your own private limo driver. Pop the question at a pre-determined stop and then hop back in and celebrate while drinking Champagne.
    4. Art Gallery – Rent out an art gallery and create a unique personalized exhibit as part of your proposal.
    5. Incorporate Fashion – If your partner loves fashion, consider sending her on a shopping spree as part of your proposal.
    6. Rooftop Proposal – One of the most popular requests is to propose on a rooftop. Add some personalization to it so that your partner knows that you truly “get” him or her like we did for Pete and Dily below. New York rooftop proposal idea
    7. Propose on a Hike – For the active couple, proposing on a hike is a great idea. Set up something really special at the top of the peak.
    8. Fireworks – If you have the budget for it, fireworks are a great way to add the “wow-factor” to a proposal. Just make sure to research the city rules and allow yourself enough time to apply for a permit.
    9. Suspend Romance – Propose outside the box by hanging things from trees or ceilings that you would normally put on the ground for your proposal. Be sure to check with the venue first before hanging items on trees as you may need a permit.
    10. Lyrics – If you have a song that is super special to you, print out the lyrics on something extravagant to make that the focal point of your proposal.
    11. Recreate A Music Video – As we did for Cincinnati Bangles George Iloka, recreate a music video that is meaningful to your relationship. It could be a sappy song or you could add humor like George did.George Ioka marriage proposal music video
    12. Display Memories – Spruce up any location by adding a ton of your memories to it, creating the perfect romantic scene for your proposal.
    13. On Stage – We get so many requests to propose on stage after a Broadway show. This is a really cool idea but does require a lot of lead time to arrange it with production so keep that in mind.
    14. Helicopter – If your partner loves flying, consider proposing on a private helicopter ride over the city. Just make sure they are not afraid of helicopters or heights!
    15. Include Friends and Family – You can have them hold signs, be a part of a dance routine, or come out as a surprise later. Make sure your partner wants this type of a proposal and does not prefer it to be just you and her.
    16. Caricature Artist – Have a caricature artist waiting for you at a pre-determined location. They can draw the proposal or another romantic scene from your relationship. proposal ideas with caricature
    17. Flash mob – These spontaneous dance routines are still a very popular grand display of affection and can be a great proposal idea for someone who loves to be the center of attention.
    18. Picture Books – Picture books and memory books are great additions to your proposal set up. Use it as the proposal finale and you are sure to get a weepy yes.
    19. Disney – If your partner is a lover of Disney, consider a Disney theme proposal or proposing at Disneyland. Just keep in mind they are a bit strict about what they allow at the park.
    20. Picnic – Having a really romantic picnic is a great proposal idea. Include your partner’s favorite food, colors, and your special photos.
    21. Umbrellas – Paint a special message on umbrellas for the ultimate proposal reveal. But please know, these take hours to paint so you will need a professional or a lot of endurance.
    22. Include Children- If you and your partner have children together, bring them in on your special moment. Have them wear a cute shirt or hold flowers as you propose.
    23. A Cappella Serenade – Imagine your partner’s surprise when you are out for a walk and a group of singers stop you to serenade your sweetie with a special song!
    24. Scavenger Hunt – This never goes out of style. Make a list of a few places that are special to you and then write out some corresponding clues. Hire a coordinator to make sure it all goes smoothly or drop off the cues yourself and talk to all the staff.
    25. Wine Tasting – If your partner is a wine lover, pop the question at a winery or with a custom labeled wine!
    26. Candles – Set up candles somewhere super romantic and presto….You have a romantic and budget-friendly proposal!romantic proposal idea with candles on beach
    27. Incorporate Pets – We have planned pug-posals, proposals using cats, and even a petting zoo. If your partner is an animal lover, this could be the basis of a great proposal idea.
    28. Underwater – Show the depths of your love by proposing underwater. Make sure to secure the ring so you don’t lose it!
    29. Skywriting – This is a grand gesture of love and can be a fun proposal idea. Just make sure to meticulously plan the day so you don’t miss it.
    30. Sand Sculpture- An exciting proposal idea is having a sand sculpture created that represents important moments in your relationship.
    31. A Beach Setup – Set up something romantic and unexpected on the beach like the proposal we did for Raul below. beach proposal idea
    32. Sea Lion – If your partner loves sea lions or cute animals, consider booking a package where the sea lion brings your her a buoy that says, “Marry Me?”
    33. Using a Cool Ring Box – What is the point of having a really cool proposal and a really basic ring box? Check out the slim, rotating ring box at www.ringstash.com
    34. Hotel Room – Save some money on a proposal venue by having someone come in and decorate your hotel room with flowers and candles
    35. Private Chef – Include a private chef into your proposal idea to add some extra romance and personalization.
    36. In the Snow – The contrast of rose petals on snow or candles out in the cold is something that automatically creates a sense of romance. If you plan on proposing in the winter, include snow in your big moment.snowy proposal idea
    37. Custom Song – Have a song written by a professional song writer and play that song or have it performed as you propose.
    38. Spell It – Spell out her name or a sweet message using rose petals, candles, or anything else romantic or symbolic.
    39. Piano – Have a piano set up in a romantic room and when you walk in, the pianist can play your special song.
    40. Pinterest Proposal – Stalk your partner on Pinterest and find out exactly what their dream proposal is and then re-create it.
    41. Recreate Favorite Trips – Just like our client Manuele did in the picture below, consider having something from one of your favorite trips recreated. He chose the Eiffel Tower and we made it out of roses and moss! New York marriage proposal planner
    42. Display Photos – One way to add personalization to any proposal idea is to display your photos around the proposal setup.
    43. Incorporate Holidays – If you are planning on proposing during a holiday, use that holiday as a theme. For example, if you are planning on proposing near Christmas, maybe you can incorporate a customized Christmas tree.
    44. Garden Proposal – In the right season, proposing in a garden can be a charming idea. Just add a picnic or photos and it will be instantly romantic.