Romantic Picnic Proposal Idea

Romantic Picnic Marriage Proposal

Price: $590

  • Stumble upon a romantic setup on a park or beach that is set up ahead of time by a Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy a romantic picnic for two in Houston
  • Propose while enjoying the views as the sun sets on the horizon
Light the Night Marriage Proposal Idea

Light The Night Marriage Proposal

Price: $489

  • Go on an evening stroll with your sweetie in a pre-determined public romantic setting
  • The moon and a ton of candles illuminate your marriage proposal
  • Hand her a bouquet of flowers after she accepts your proposal
Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Idea - The Heart Bandits

Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Price: $2099

  • Surprise the one you love with your very own flash mob proposal
  • You select the location within Houston such as a park, a restaurant, a party, or ask us for recommendations
  • At a set time, a seemingly spontaneous flash mob emerges to surprise and delight your partner! By design, the flash mob will lead up to a perfect moment for you to propose.
Romantic Room Makeover Proposal Idea

Romantic Room Makeover Marriage Proposal

Price: $635

  • Romantic room makeover at the location of your choice in Houston
  • Room is decorated with rose petals, LED candles, and pictures of you and your partner by a Proposal Planner
  • Champagne and toasting flutes are provided

Musical Serenade Marriage Proposal

Price: $575

  • Walk with your partner to one of Houston’s best locations as you are approached by a musician
  • The musician hands your partner a beautiful bouquet of flowers and serenades her with a beautiful love song
  • After the song, you turn to your partner and propose
Photo Tour Proposal Idea Houston

Photo Tour Marriage Proposal

Price: $575

  • Explore a famous or unknown part of Houston on a fake “Walking Tour” arranged by a Proposal Planner
  • Your partner thinks they are on a Walking Tour and a photographer is along taking pictures of your special day out
  • Propose at a romantic location chosen by you and your Proposal Planner and everything is caught on camera
Custom Designed Marriage Proposal Idea

Custom Designed Marriage Proposal

All proposals are custom, contact us for a quote

  • Your partner’s dream proposal is created by you and a professional Proposal Planner
  • The perfect proposal location and vendors are hand selected by an experienced Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy your stress free proposal and let your Proposal Planner handle all the details