Romantic Beach Proposal Idea

Romantic Beach Marriage Proposal

Price: $629

  • Stumble upon a romantic setup on the beach that is set up ahead of time by a Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy a romantic picnic for two on a sandy beach in San Diego County
  • Propose while listening to the waves crashing on the shore as the sun sets on the horizon
Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Idea - The Heart Bandits

Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Price: $1951

  • Surprise the one you love with your very own flash mob proposal
  • You select the location within San Diego such as a park, a restaurant, a party, or ask us for recommendations
  • At a set time, a seemingly spontaneous flash mob emerges to surprise and delight your partner! By design, the flash mob will lead up to a perfect moment for you to propose.
Romantic Canopy Marriage Proposal Idea - The Heart Bandits

Romantic Canopy Marriage Proposal

Price: $889

  • Stumble upon a glamorous proposal setup containing your photos that is set up ahead by our team
  • Read her you custom love messages placed around the site as the candles illuminate the area
  • Celebrate with a glass of sparkling cider when she says “Yes!”
Horseback Ride Proposal Idea

Beach Horseback Ride Marriage Proposal

Price: $397

  • Private horseback riding tour for two through the gorgeous beaches of San Diego
  • Experience a romantic horseback ride with you and your partner
  • Propose next to the ocean as you dismount from your horse
Hot air balloon proposal idea

Sunset Hot Air Balloon Ride Marriage Proposal

Price: $1455

  • Romantic hot air balloon ride along the gorgeous coasts of San Diego
  • Enjoy a glass of champagne as you enjoy your sunset adventure with your partner
  • Propose as you’re about to set off or while in mid-air
Vintage Love Marriage Proposal Idea - The Heart Bandits

Vintage Love Marriage Proposal

Price: $789

  • Surprise your vintage loving sweetie with this timeless proposal setup
  • The vintage lounge area contains photos of you and your partner and custom love messages placed around the site
  • Celebrate with a glass of sparkling cider when she says “Yes!”
Romantic gondola proposal idea

Romantic Gondola Marriage Proposal

Price: $285

  • Relax on a private sunset gondola ride through enchanting canals arranged by a Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy chocolate truffles as you hold your partner close
  • Propose as you enjoy romantic music by your personal violinist
Romantic Room Makeover Proposal Idea

Romantic Room Makeover Marriage Proposal

Price: $780

  • Romantic room makeover at the location of your choice
  • Room is decorated with rose petals, LED candles, and pictures of you and your partner by a Proposal Planner
  • Champagne and toasting flutes are provided

Musical Serenade Marriage Proposal

Price: $675

  • Walk with your partner to one of San Diego’s iconic locations as you are approached by a musician
  • The musician hands your partner a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and serenades her with a beautiful love song
  • After the song, you turn to your partner and propose
Private Helicopter Proposal Idea San Diego

Private Helicopter Marriage Proposal

Price: $905

    Enjoy a private chartered helicopter tour for two arranged by a Proposal Planner
  • Fly over coastal areas of La Jolla and Mission Bay, and downtown San Diego
  • Propose as you enjoy amazing views of San Diego
Private Limo Proposal Idea

Private Limousine Tour Marriage Proposal

Price: $625

    Travel like a celebrity in a stretch limousine
  • Experience an intimate tour of famous cites in San Diego designed by a Proposal
  • Limousine chauffeurs you to a romantic location for your proposal
Light the Night Marriage Proposal Idea

Light The Night Marriage Proposal

Price: $489

    Go on an evening stroll with your sweetie in a pre-determined public romantic setting
  • The moon and a ton of candles illuminate your marriage proposal
  • Hand her a bouquet of flowers after she accepts your proposal
Custom Designed Marriage Proposal Idea

Custom Designed Marriage Proposal

All proposals are custom, contact us for a quote

    Your partner’s dream proposal is created by you and a professional Proposal Planner
  • The perfect proposal location and vendors are hand selected by an experienced Proposal Planner
  • Enjoy your stress free proposal and let your Proposal Planner handle all the details