Romantic Picnic Proposal Idea

Romantic Picnic Marriage Proposal

Walk hand in hand along the park or nice area in Philadelphia with your partner and stumble upon a romantic picnic. A customized picnic theme is chosen by you and your Proposal Planner based on your relationship. The theme includes a picnic blanket, lush pillows, 2 framed photos of you and your partner, and rose petals. After you propose, celebrate with chilled cider and chocolate-covered strawberries.

  • Proposal duration is approximately 2 hours
  • Romantic picnic is setup at your choice of any park in Philadelphia. Recommendations are provided upon request.
  • Detailed map of romantic picnic location is sent to you in advance
  • You are responsible for taking picnic items with you
  • Base package $590
  • Personalized Proposal Sign – Add a personalized “Will You Marry Me?” sign displayed on an easel to be revealed at your discretion. Additional $99
  • Personalized Professional Poem – A customized poem based on your relationship is created by a professional poet. The poem is printed on a scroll handmade in Europe and tied with a satin ribbon. This is a perfect way to express how much you love your partner before you propose. Additional $155
  • Guitarist – Enhance your intimate proposal with a musician playing your song as you pop the question. Additional $365
  • Discreet Photographer – A photographer discreetly captures your proposal and provides a portrait session after if desired. Package includes edited images on a CD. Additional $575
  • Discreet Videographer – A videographer discreetly captures your proposal and provides close-up footage after if desired. Additional $900
  • Available daily 9am to 8pm except major holidays
  • Reservations require 7 days notice
  • Personalized poem requires 2 weeks notice
  • Proposal is non-refundable
  • In the event of rain, proposal will be rescheduled. If rescheduling is not available due to travel plans, The Heart Bandits will attempt to accommodate.
  • Any items from intimate picnic may be kept if taken immediately after proposal unless other arrangements have been made